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Only a building of Aura’s stature could redefine The Grand Entrance. You will experience a soaring, two-story, glass enclosed public gallery filled with light. Within this fifteen hundred square foot space, art and sculpture are set against a dazzling view of the adjacent 3-acre park.

Passing through the residential entrance at the far end, you enter the lobby to Aura, an intimate space of understated elegance, filled with muted tones and subdued lighting. Polished granite adorns the walls, ceiling and floors, creating the perfect backdrop for an elegant white marble concierge desk, with fluid lines and softly back-lit front. Covered lighting set into the wooden ceiling of the elevator lobby highlight the marble inlay of the walls and the polished black granite surrounding the bank of high-speed elevators. Their stainless steel doors emblazoned with the buildings silhouette stand open, ready to take you home.

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